Instructional Design Practice

It was a pity I could not attend to the lesson of “Instructional Design”. From my own work I have read the slides and I have decided choose “ASSURE model” as the instructional design of my task.


My task is related with “how to send an e-mial with Gmail” and I have chose the ASSURE model because I think is one of the best models to instruct people to do that kind of tasks.

The Learning Outcome will be students must know after the 3 first weeks of the course how to send an e-mail with Gmail to me, their teacher. We are going to work a lot of times with technology and do several online works which then students have to send to me by e-mail.

The design:

1. Analyze learner characteristics:

There are 22 pupils of 12 years old in my class. They know the basic things of a normal computer. They know how to surf on Internet and have a basic user level. In other lesson, all together, we have created a Gmail account and they are looking forward to use it.

2. State objectives:

Right now we are in the first weeks of the academic course. We are going to work together and pupils must do individual works during the course. This is the reason they have to learn how to send me a normal e-mail (only text) and an e-mail with attachments. I hope pupils learn it in few days to start with the planning.

3. Select, modify or design materials:

I am going to design my own teaching materials using at the same time Gmail to show everything in a correct way. I will give to the pupils a manual with pictures and explanations which I describe step by step the whole process.

4. Utilize materials:

I am going to handout the materials in the next week to the pupils. The computers with internet connection will be our principal tool to work during all the course.

5. Require learner response:

The learner response is clear; it is up to them. I am going to give all the pupils the same materials with the correct steps to how to send both e-mails and they have to follow it without any variation to do it well.

They are going to enter in the “e-mail world”. Now they have to be responsible with their e-mail. Add contacts, clean messages, organize their e-mail, be careful with spams… It’s a complicated world but without a doubt with comun sense everything will fine.


This is easy. My work will be completed when I will have recieved all the e-mails to my e-mail ( of the whole pupils. If something is wrong, I am going to reflect about my work and my materials and if the situation is required I will start other kind of process or improve the actual.

I think the “ASSURE desing” seems to be sufficient for the purpose of this lesson. I know the word “design” is something more serious than a simple planning, but without a doubt this word is present everyday of our lifes. We design our tasks of each day and step by step we notice that we have our own method to design. So, in a small-scale everyone is a designer.



About Jesús Serrano

Student of Elementary Education with specialty on Physical Education in the UCLM (University of Castile-La Mancha) and now international student of the Tallinn University.
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