My Learning Environment

Each person is different. This is the reason the world is marvellous. Of course, each person has the own method to think, study, play, cook… although the goal it is the same.

I am not of otherworldly; I have my own learning environment to study. It is like a list of requirements which I have to follow to have success in my own work and studio.

In this case, I am going to talk about my own learning environment to study English. As I have said in my last post, study a language is a complex act. You need a audiovisual support and someone who can practice with you. Let’s start.



– Silence: helps me concentrate better. I need it. It is one of the most important part of my learning environment.





– Comfortable chair and wide desk: I try to maintain a correct position of my back when I am studying and this is the reason I prefer a good chair to spend my time. I am a person quite tidy, so I need a wide desk where I can leave all my belongings.

– Soft light: without a doubt I prefer study during the day and rest at night. It is a nutural fact for me. I can’t study during the night without sleep; I think I have never gone to do a exam with 5 or 6 hours of rest. That is the reason I like to study with a soft light, specially with a natural light. If I have to study at night, I prefer to do it with a soft but strong light concentrated in my desk.

– School supplies: I need blue and black pens, papers and the English book.

– Technology: It is essential to me to have a laptop with Internet connection. The latop must has speakers or in other case I have to have headphones to listening to the audio, translations, videos… My study is based of comprehension of the new knowledge I learn, so I have to understand it with real examples, news, pictures, videos, audios… This is the reason that I need Internet connection.






Breaks: one of the most important part of my learning environment are breaks. I need to have a break at least one per hour. Drink water, eat something, practice sport, speak with someone, walk… help me in a good way.






English conversation with people:

– Quiet place: where we can have a normal conversation with the opportunity of listening to each other without problems.

– Some to drink: it is always good to have something while you are speaking, specially if you are in a Café ;).





– Notebook: to write down those words that I don’t know.




This is for me my perfect learning environment. I could say that I accept reviews, but, it would not be worth beacuse as I have said before, each person is different and either one has his own learning enviroment ;).



About Jesús Serrano

Student of Elementary Education with specialty on Physical Education in the UCLM (University of Castile-La Mancha) and now international student of the Tallinn University.
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