My Learning Contract Template


Learning task:

Learn English and improve it.


Me: Dad, when you were in the school, what language did you learn?

My Dad: French, because it was the most important for us. But nowadays the situation has changed. Now English language leads the world. In spite we are from Spain and we speak Spanish, the second language most spoken in the world, you must learn English.

And that is the reality. Life is in constantly change also with the languages. First of all I have to say that Spain has not good reputation in English speakers. Education System is improving about this topic, but it is only the beginning. I have been learned English during more than 15 years, but in fact I started to speak basic English at the age of 19… Something has to change in the Education System of the country where I belong.

I am going to become a teacher. My specialty in my studies is Physical Education but probably it will not be the only one the future. I want to improve my English, to be aware that it is possible to comunicate with other person, teach other people and never stop learning. This is my porpuse and I love this challenge.


– Time: It is the most important element of the resources. Time is gold and you have to take advantage of it when you can.

– Motivation: if you want to learn a new language, someone or something has to propel you. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn and motivation has to be present.

– Instructional materials: I think the most importants are the books but if you are learning grammar, vocabulary… it has to be always accompanied with audio; it is the key. English is a language that basically each word has a exact pronunciation, so it is worth to learn always with the audiovisual supports at the same time. Listening to the radio, watch tv or one film is important as well.

– Conversation face to face: Definitely, a language serves to comunicate with other person. That is the moment when you have to show all that you have learned.


Have motivation, feel confident, work hard and never give up. If you gather these strategies, step by step you are going to be aware that you are improving and you will feel better and better with yourself. Try to relate with other people who can help you. Remember one phrase: no pain, no gain. Nobody gives you anything.

Outcome evaluation:

With the passage of time, you are going to notice that maybe there are situations in your life that you have to jump it with success. It will be a challenge for you (especially if you live in a foreign country) where you are going to have to comunicate all the time in other language ( in this case English). Studies, job interviews, relationships with people, these are going to be your outcome evaluation.


If you want, you can. Love is power. Doesn’t matter if I am from Spain and I started to learn serious English at the age of 19. Now I am having the opportunity of enjoy a Erasmus exchange program here in Estonia, where I am improving my English and I have to take advantage of it everyday of my stay. Even when I finished my scholarship, I am going to maintain my motivation and keep learning.




About Jesús Serrano

Student of Elementary Education with specialty on Physical Education in the UCLM (University of Castile-La Mancha) and now international student of the Tallinn University.
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