Where can one attend a degree program in Education Technology 100% online?

Life is in constantly change. 30 years ago, students could smoke in class. They could decide be absent from lessons. Now we are in other stage where bring with us a computer, tablet, smartphone… to class, is completely normal.

Also, the methods of study has changed. Who would think 30 years ago one person could stay in his/her home doing a degree? Now, since a few years, this fact is possible.

When I started my degree in Spain 3 years ago, I had a professor who said that his son was studying a semi-presencial degree. He was studying Psychology in his home and he had to go to his university 2 times per course. This fact for me was awesome.

But the main question is: Where can one attend a degree program in Education Technology 100% online?

Without a doubt, Online degree programs and distance education classes continue to grow in popularity and credibility. More respected universities are putting classes and degree programs online every year and employers are more willing than ever to hire graduates of top online programs. The flexibility and affordability of online colleges and universities has opened up educational opportunities for many prospective students juggling family, work or other responsibilities.

I have found one university where people can attend 100% online in a Educational Technology degree. This is the California State University, Fullerton.

This university offers several online degrees and one of them is the Educational Technology Degree. According to the web page of this university, “the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education at California State University Fullerton offers a graduate program of study that leads to the Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Educational Technology“. “This program is offered 100% online“.

If all of you want to know more about this university, please check the link:


Online Programs


Surfing on internet, I have found one web page that shows (according to them) the 25 best online colleges to do a 100% online degree. According to them, the best university to do this kind of study is the Colorado State University-Global Campus.

Here is the full information in the web page:


Smart Choice 25 Best Online Colleges


Focusing in my own studies, I will be teacher and I remember that the last year when I was doing my teaching practice in Spain, one of my tutors said to me that he has done several online courses of training to improve his skills. Now, I am sure that I have a lot of probabilities to do a 100% online course like these. So, yes, we are in a constantly change, but I think that the essence of learning is go to class and learn with your teacher/professor face to face.





About Jesús Serrano

Student of Elementary Education with specialty on Physical Education in the UCLM (University of Castile-La Mancha) and now international student of the Tallinn University.
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