My expectations from the course KAK6003; Education Technology

Although I know I am late, today I can say that I start my blog for the subject Education Technology. Today I am going to start a blog where will be full of topics about the education and technology.

This is not my first blog. Actually this is the last year of my degree and I have had few subjects about technology. I rembember that when I was in my second year of university, I had a subject similar called “Managament and resources of educational contexts”. In that subject I learned a lot of knowledge about edutacion and new technologies. Here is the link of my blog (I am sorry but is in Spanish).

Without a doubt, techology is a compulsory thing in our life. Nowdays without technology there is no progress. Similarly like my past subject, my expectations in this subject are quite clear; never stop learning about techology. All this knowledge will be focused in our profession with the goal of help and improve the education.

Now for me all is different. Right now I am in Estonia, a pioneer country of technology. I have the opportunity of attend to class with proffesionals who can teach me their experience as researchers and teachers and I think that it will be worth.

I am going to try to understand how is the technology in the context of the education and how I can improve myself respect this important fact. If everything it’s fine, I will be a physical education teacher and although everyone know that these kind of teacher don’t use techology everytime in their lessons, it’s very important to don’t lose the rythm of the progress.

I wish all of my classmates and professors good luck and courage to enjoy this subject.



About Jesús Serrano

Student of Elementary Education with specialty on Physical Education in the UCLM (University of Castile-La Mancha) and now international student of the Tallinn University.
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One Response to My expectations from the course KAK6003; Education Technology

  1. kaipata says:

    Actually, there are quite a lot of these awareness tools, self-monitoring tools that enable to combine physical exercise and fun and technology. Have you seen //

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