My learning material according to ASSURE model

Send me a normal e-mail with Gmail task:














Send me a e-mail with attachments with Gmail task:

We follow all the last steps until this:

















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Instructional Design Practice

It was a pity I could not attend to the lesson of “Instructional Design”. From my own work I have read the slides and I have decided choose “ASSURE model” as the instructional design of my task.


My task is related with “how to send an e-mial with Gmail” and I have chose the ASSURE model because I think is one of the best models to instruct people to do that kind of tasks.

The Learning Outcome will be students must know after the 3 first weeks of the course how to send an e-mail with Gmail to me, their teacher. We are going to work a lot of times with technology and do several online works which then students have to send to me by e-mail.

The design:

1. Analyze learner characteristics:

There are 22 pupils of 12 years old in my class. They know the basic things of a normal computer. They know how to surf on Internet and have a basic user level. In other lesson, all together, we have created a Gmail account and they are looking forward to use it.

2. State objectives:

Right now we are in the first weeks of the academic course. We are going to work together and pupils must do individual works during the course. This is the reason they have to learn how to send me a normal e-mail (only text) and an e-mail with attachments. I hope pupils learn it in few days to start with the planning.

3. Select, modify or design materials:

I am going to design my own teaching materials using at the same time Gmail to show everything in a correct way. I will give to the pupils a manual with pictures and explanations which I describe step by step the whole process.

4. Utilize materials:

I am going to handout the materials in the next week to the pupils. The computers with internet connection will be our principal tool to work during all the course.

5. Require learner response:

The learner response is clear; it is up to them. I am going to give all the pupils the same materials with the correct steps to how to send both e-mails and they have to follow it without any variation to do it well.

They are going to enter in the “e-mail world”. Now they have to be responsible with their e-mail. Add contacts, clean messages, organize their e-mail, be careful with spams… It’s a complicated world but without a doubt with comun sense everything will fine.


This is easy. My work will be completed when I will have recieved all the e-mails to my e-mail ( of the whole pupils. If something is wrong, I am going to reflect about my work and my materials and if the situation is required I will start other kind of process or improve the actual.

I think the “ASSURE desing” seems to be sufficient for the purpose of this lesson. I know the word “design” is something more serious than a simple planning, but without a doubt this word is present everyday of our lifes. We design our tasks of each day and step by step we notice that we have our own method to design. So, in a small-scale everyone is a designer.


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My Learning Environment

Each person is different. This is the reason the world is marvellous. Of course, each person has the own method to think, study, play, cook… although the goal it is the same.

I am not of otherworldly; I have my own learning environment to study. It is like a list of requirements which I have to follow to have success in my own work and studio.

In this case, I am going to talk about my own learning environment to study English. As I have said in my last post, study a language is a complex act. You need a audiovisual support and someone who can practice with you. Let’s start.



– Silence: helps me concentrate better. I need it. It is one of the most important part of my learning environment.





– Comfortable chair and wide desk: I try to maintain a correct position of my back when I am studying and this is the reason I prefer a good chair to spend my time. I am a person quite tidy, so I need a wide desk where I can leave all my belongings.

– Soft light: without a doubt I prefer study during the day and rest at night. It is a nutural fact for me. I can’t study during the night without sleep; I think I have never gone to do a exam with 5 or 6 hours of rest. That is the reason I like to study with a soft light, specially with a natural light. If I have to study at night, I prefer to do it with a soft but strong light concentrated in my desk.

– School supplies: I need blue and black pens, papers and the English book.

– Technology: It is essential to me to have a laptop with Internet connection. The latop must has speakers or in other case I have to have headphones to listening to the audio, translations, videos… My study is based of comprehension of the new knowledge I learn, so I have to understand it with real examples, news, pictures, videos, audios… This is the reason that I need Internet connection.






Breaks: one of the most important part of my learning environment are breaks. I need to have a break at least one per hour. Drink water, eat something, practice sport, speak with someone, walk… help me in a good way.






English conversation with people:

– Quiet place: where we can have a normal conversation with the opportunity of listening to each other without problems.

– Some to drink: it is always good to have something while you are speaking, specially if you are in a Café ;).





– Notebook: to write down those words that I don’t know.




This is for me my perfect learning environment. I could say that I accept reviews, but, it would not be worth beacuse as I have said before, each person is different and either one has his own learning enviroment ;).


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My Learning Contract Template


Learning task:

Learn English and improve it.


Me: Dad, when you were in the school, what language did you learn?

My Dad: French, because it was the most important for us. But nowadays the situation has changed. Now English language leads the world. In spite we are from Spain and we speak Spanish, the second language most spoken in the world, you must learn English.

And that is the reality. Life is in constantly change also with the languages. First of all I have to say that Spain has not good reputation in English speakers. Education System is improving about this topic, but it is only the beginning. I have been learned English during more than 15 years, but in fact I started to speak basic English at the age of 19… Something has to change in the Education System of the country where I belong.

I am going to become a teacher. My specialty in my studies is Physical Education but probably it will not be the only one the future. I want to improve my English, to be aware that it is possible to comunicate with other person, teach other people and never stop learning. This is my porpuse and I love this challenge.


– Time: It is the most important element of the resources. Time is gold and you have to take advantage of it when you can.

– Motivation: if you want to learn a new language, someone or something has to propel you. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn and motivation has to be present.

– Instructional materials: I think the most importants are the books but if you are learning grammar, vocabulary… it has to be always accompanied with audio; it is the key. English is a language that basically each word has a exact pronunciation, so it is worth to learn always with the audiovisual supports at the same time. Listening to the radio, watch tv or one film is important as well.

– Conversation face to face: Definitely, a language serves to comunicate with other person. That is the moment when you have to show all that you have learned.


Have motivation, feel confident, work hard and never give up. If you gather these strategies, step by step you are going to be aware that you are improving and you will feel better and better with yourself. Try to relate with other people who can help you. Remember one phrase: no pain, no gain. Nobody gives you anything.

Outcome evaluation:

With the passage of time, you are going to notice that maybe there are situations in your life that you have to jump it with success. It will be a challenge for you (especially if you live in a foreign country) where you are going to have to comunicate all the time in other language ( in this case English). Studies, job interviews, relationships with people, these are going to be your outcome evaluation.


If you want, you can. Love is power. Doesn’t matter if I am from Spain and I started to learn serious English at the age of 19. Now I am having the opportunity of enjoy a Erasmus exchange program here in Estonia, where I am improving my English and I have to take advantage of it everyday of my stay. Even when I finished my scholarship, I am going to maintain my motivation and keep learning.



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Where can one attend a degree program in Education Technology 100% online?

Life is in constantly change. 30 years ago, students could smoke in class. They could decide be absent from lessons. Now we are in other stage where bring with us a computer, tablet, smartphone… to class, is completely normal.

Also, the methods of study has changed. Who would think 30 years ago one person could stay in his/her home doing a degree? Now, since a few years, this fact is possible.

When I started my degree in Spain 3 years ago, I had a professor who said that his son was studying a semi-presencial degree. He was studying Psychology in his home and he had to go to his university 2 times per course. This fact for me was awesome.

But the main question is: Where can one attend a degree program in Education Technology 100% online?

Without a doubt, Online degree programs and distance education classes continue to grow in popularity and credibility. More respected universities are putting classes and degree programs online every year and employers are more willing than ever to hire graduates of top online programs. The flexibility and affordability of online colleges and universities has opened up educational opportunities for many prospective students juggling family, work or other responsibilities.

I have found one university where people can attend 100% online in a Educational Technology degree. This is the California State University, Fullerton.

This university offers several online degrees and one of them is the Educational Technology Degree. According to the web page of this university, “the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education at California State University Fullerton offers a graduate program of study that leads to the Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Educational Technology“. “This program is offered 100% online“.

If all of you want to know more about this university, please check the link:


Online Programs


Surfing on internet, I have found one web page that shows (according to them) the 25 best online colleges to do a 100% online degree. According to them, the best university to do this kind of study is the Colorado State University-Global Campus.

Here is the full information in the web page:


Smart Choice 25 Best Online Colleges


Focusing in my own studies, I will be teacher and I remember that the last year when I was doing my teaching practice in Spain, one of my tutors said to me that he has done several online courses of training to improve his skills. Now, I am sure that I have a lot of probabilities to do a 100% online course like these. So, yes, we are in a constantly change, but I think that the essence of learning is go to class and learn with your teacher/professor face to face.




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Analyzing a profile of an Instructional Designer.

First of all, I have to say that this post has been very interesting for me because I didn’t know the real meaning of an instructional designer.


Actually, I have found on internet a lot of people who work as instructional designer with his/her own profile, but I have decided speak about Christy Tucker.


Nowadays Christy is an instructional designer. I have to thank her for all the information because I found one blog of wordpress about the general information of instructional designer made by herself.


She has her own web page where she says that her career “has always been about helping people learn in one way or another”. She has been teacher and trainer, but since 2004 she has been working in online learning and since 2006 she has been bloggin at Experience E-Learning.


Her main competence is create online learning that uses technology and storytelling effectively to draw participants in and let them practice new skills in ways that will easily transfer to their real life and jobs. Also, she does Scenario-Based Learning, Software Training and LMS, Social Media and Technology Planning.


If you want know more about her, here is the full profile of her web page:


This is a good example of the meaning of an instructional designer. Without a doubt I think that Christy is a good professional on her work, but I have found one web page which shows the most important competences/qualities of the “perfect” instructional designer. These are:


  1. Conceptually and intuitively understand how people learn.

  2. Know how to connect with an audience on an emotional level.

  3. Be capable of imagining oneself as the learner/audience member.

  4. Be obsessed with learning everything.

  5. Brainstrom creative treatments and innovative instructional strategies.

  6. Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface, interactions and the finished product.

  7. Write effective copy, instructional text, audio scripts and video scripts.

  8. Meld minds with Subject Matter Experts and team members.

  9. Know the capabilities of E-Learning development tools and software.

  10. Understand related fields-usability and experience design, information design, communications and new technologies.


Here is the link of the web page mentioned. It’s very interesting to learn more things about this profession.


From my point of view, there is no defined training and formation to be an instructional designer. I have read profiles of other people and it’s seems like almost all these professionals have a mix of formation in their lives. No important what they have studied if their vocation as instructional designer is real. I think that is quite valuable if the person has a mix of a lot of culture, formation and then energy to work well. That’s the fact I need to be a good teacher ;).



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My expectations from the course KAK6003; Education Technology

Although I know I am late, today I can say that I start my blog for the subject Education Technology. Today I am going to start a blog where will be full of topics about the education and technology.

This is not my first blog. Actually this is the last year of my degree and I have had few subjects about technology. I rembember that when I was in my second year of university, I had a subject similar called “Managament and resources of educational contexts”. In that subject I learned a lot of knowledge about edutacion and new technologies. Here is the link of my blog (I am sorry but is in Spanish).

Without a doubt, techology is a compulsory thing in our life. Nowdays without technology there is no progress. Similarly like my past subject, my expectations in this subject are quite clear; never stop learning about techology. All this knowledge will be focused in our profession with the goal of help and improve the education.

Now for me all is different. Right now I am in Estonia, a pioneer country of technology. I have the opportunity of attend to class with proffesionals who can teach me their experience as researchers and teachers and I think that it will be worth.

I am going to try to understand how is the technology in the context of the education and how I can improve myself respect this important fact. If everything it’s fine, I will be a physical education teacher and although everyone know that these kind of teacher don’t use techology everytime in their lessons, it’s very important to don’t lose the rythm of the progress.

I wish all of my classmates and professors good luck and courage to enjoy this subject.


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